lone pinon

Lone Piñon is an acoustic conjunto from Northern New Mexico whose music celebrates the diversity and integrity of our region’s cultural roots.  Using violins, accordion, quinta huapangera, bajo sexto, percussion, and vocals in Spanish, English, Nahuatl, and P’urépecha the group has revived and updated the Chicano stringband style that once flourished in New Mexico.  Their active repertoire reflects the complexity of the Southwest’s musical landscape and includes twin-fiddle traditions from South Texas, Tohono O’odham fiddle tunes from Arizona, early conjunto accordion music, contemporary New Mexican rancheras and canciones norteñas, huapangos huastecos from the Mexican Huasteca region, and several styles of music from Michoacán:  son calentano and son planeco from the southern lowlands and son abajeño and pirekuas from the P’urepecha highlands.